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Top Best Tips and Tricks in Crossout mobile

Hello friends welcome. Well, the crossout game on PC has arrived a long time ago. but it has been released on Play Store on 14 March 2022. Older players who have been playing on PC must have known the Tips and Tricks in Crossout mobile. But those who are new players may not know the tips and tricks of crossout. So this article is specially for the beginners of cross out mobile game players. In this article you will learn how to become a pro player of crossout? how to improve build in crossout game? and how to get more coins in Crossout Mobile?

Best Tips and Tricks in Crossout mobile to become a Pro Player of Crossout Mobile

  1. The average wait time of Russian server is much better than other servers, so you can try Russian server if you want.
  2. Attack enemy cabins to do more damage.
  3. You should always be with your partner, never attack alone.
  4. You should always keep your weapon and fuel barrel covered.
  5. If the enemy vehicle has one or two weapons, you must destroy the weapons first.
  6. always install extra wheels in your vehicle.
  7. If your vehicle is not in good condition while playing the match then you will have to self-destruct.
  8. If you play pvp vs mode you only have to capture 2 places to win without destroying them all
  9. You have to complete weekly missions to earn more rewards and gold.
  10. Always keep the size of the mini map large.

how to build vehicle in crossout mobile

Let’s build the best vehicle to win the match in Crossout Mobile.

First you have to choose high powered cabin among all your cabins, and the vehicle should be with max pts. So that you can carry more powerful weapons in your vehicle. Energy Drain lets you find out how many weapons your vehicle can be equipped with. Understand pts with example if you have a vehicle of 9 pts then 3 weapons of 3 pts can go in your vehicle

Depending on how big the vehicle is to be made, you have to choose the frame.
Sometimes the enemy destroys the wheel of our vehicle, so that we cannot move. So you can install high power extra wheel in your vehicle.

New players make the mistake of openly placing their weapons on top of the vehicle without cover. if the enemy will destroy your weapon then you will not be able to do anything so cover them with structural part to protect your weapon.
You have to focus not only on attack but also on defense. For this you have to equip every item in your vehicle.

Now finally prepare your vehicle, after that you have to paint the vehicle to give it a good look.
You can also build your own vehicle from blueprints. For this you have to copy the blueprint of your desired vehicle of your level by clicking on the exhibition.

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Testing Drive

The developer of crossout game has given here the option of test drive from where you can get an idea of the power of your vehicle. Test drive lets you know how much damage can be done to your vehicle. This allows you to be sure what your vehicle is lacking.

how to get more coins in Crossout Mobile

Coins are very important in Crossout Mobile because with coins you can buy weapons, cabins and other items. If you want to collect more coins then you have to complete the daily missions of the game. which you can use to buy weapons and increase the power of your vehicle. You get coins even after winning the match. see ads for double reward.

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