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Top 10 pro tips and tricks in farlight 84

farlight 84 is a multiplayer action game.  In which 60 players are landed on a island, in a battle of 60 players, the one who survives in the end wins the game. Farlight 84 is a battle royale game similar to the free fire, pubg, cyber hunter and fortnite game. this game players are loved for its variety of weapons and unique vehicle. Players who have been playing this game for a long time must know farlight 84 tips and tricks. Players can play this game easily and become pro player, so we bring you Top 10 Farlight 84 Tips and Tricks

how to become a pro player in farlight 84

1. Perfect time to use jetpack in farlight 84

jet peck in farlight 84
farlight 84
jet peck in farlight 84
  • 1. if the enemy is sitting on the roof of the house and you go with the steps, then the enemy can kill you easily. In this situation you have to use jetpack.

2. If more than one enemy comes in front of you, then you have to confuse your enemy by using jetpack. In such a situation, now you can kill everyone one by one.

3. Whenever you get damaged then use jetpack to avoid enemy bullets quickly.

4. You have to use fast charge core, so that your jetpack will be fast charged and you can speed up.

5. You can avoid dying by using a jetpack when the enemy is going to drive a vehicle over you.

2. Quick sniper shot in farlight 84

By following this trick you will become the master of sniping. To use this trick, first you have to go to the settings of your game. After that go to the customize. After going to the Customize setting, the location button has to be placed in the very center of the screen of your device. You have to make the location button size smaller. After that enable sniper rifles by going to Weapons option and turning on Quick ADS.

farlight 84

Now as soon as the enemy comes in front of you, then take the location button on the enemy’s body and fire. This makes it that whenever you fire with a sniper, the automatic scope will open immediately or it will also automatically close after the fire. This trick is called quick sniper shot.

3. any time cover trick in farlight 84

If there is no cover around you and the enemy is overwhelming you, you can take cover quickly with this trick. For this you must have Mark 4A1 gun or Stellar wind gun. The specialty of Mark 4A1 gun is that if the enemy comes in front of you or you do not have any cover, then you have the power to take cover immediately using the gun’s skill. This skill makes a wall stand in front of you like a gloo wall. The specialty of the Stellar Wind Gun is that it creates a circular shield around you for a few seconds. With which you can find the location of the enemy and kill him.

4. kill robots and zombies for Tshield and ammo

If sometimes you don’t have shield and ammo then these tips will come in handy. Some players ignore zombies and robots. But if you kill zombies and robots then you get T shield and ammo. Which proves helpful for you in winning the match. Zombies are slow and they die easily. but to kill the robot you have to stay a little far from it. otherwise the robots will kill you.

5. red zone tip in farlight 84

Most of the players enter the house after seeing the red zone. In the red zone you see the red line, no need to go where the bomb is. The question will be in your mind that sometimes the red line appears and sometimes the red line is not visible, why? You will see a red line until you open the scope in the red zone. That’s why you never have to open the scope in the red zone or else you will not be able to know the location of the bomb.

6. always use high damage gun

You always have to use a high damage gun because the more damage you inflict on the enemy, the quicker the enemy will die.

7. Use Jumpad to climb the building

If the enemy is sitting on the roof of the house and you go with the steps, then the enemy can kill you easily. In this situation you have to use jumpad. If the enemy sees you while using jumped then immediately change your direction using the jetpack.

8. Up and down trick in farlight 84

This trick will make your movement very fast. This trick is for those who play the game with three fingers. To use this trick, you have to set the settings shown in the image. You have to move the joystick with your left thumb and up and down with the finger. And keep firing at the enemy with the right thumb. See image to understand more.

9. Always use vehicle’s power in farlight 84

You always have to use this vehicle power.  If you do not have gun bullets, then you can kill the enemy by using a vehicle. The heath of the vehicle is high in which you can sit and stay safe.  If the safe zone is far away from you, then you should use a vehicle.

10. always playing under cover.

You always have to play under cover.  If you fight with the enemy without cover with enthusiasm, then there is a high chance that the enemy will kill you. The enemy should never be considered weak.  If you play under cover, you can kill the entire squad.

Top 5 best gun in farlight 84

1. AK-77 gun in farlight 84

The damage of this gun is 26 and the rate of fire is 60. which can kill the enemy in seconds. When this gun’s skill is activated, the ammo is not consumed.

2. Invader gun in farlght 84

The damage of this gun is 22 and the rate of fire is 72. whose sound makes the enemy’s heart beat faster. If more than 1 enemy comes in front of you, then as soon as you activate the skill of this gun, this gun launches more missiles of enemy.

3. White dwarf gun in

The damage of this gun is 22 and the rate of fire is 72. As soon as the skill of this cannon is activated, 1 small robot continues to inflict damage on the enemy.

4. Bar95 gun

The damage of this gun is 94 and the rate of fire is 11. If the enemy’s health is half, then you can kill the enemy with one shot of this gun.As soon as the skill of this cannon is activated, wherever the enemy is hiding, he is visible there.

5. Hound shot gun

The damage of this gun is 120 and the rate of fire is 15, the sound of which leaves the enemy’s heart out of his body. This gun is king in short range. Activating the skill of this attribute, it generates smock so that the enemy cannot see you.

characters abilities in farlight 84

1. Heart character in farlight 84

The Heart character’s ability is that you’ll get extra health when your partner revives you. In this you get additional health according to the level of the character.

2. Young character

This character’s ability is that your movement speed increases. If your movement is fast then enemy won’t kill you. As you level up this character, so will increase your moment speed.

3. Sunil character

The ability of Sunil character is that it recharges the shield fast. so that the enemy does not kill you quickly.

4. Scavenger character

Scavenger character’s ability to carry SMG’s extra ammo with her.

5. duckside character

Duckside Character Increases Your Max Health. If your help is more then the enemy will not be able to kill you quickly.  and you get a chance to kill the enemy.

6. Watchman character

This character can carry an additional shield recharger with him.

7. Hoarder Character

This Character Can Carry Extra Shot Gun ammo.

8. Maggie character

This character increases its moment speed if your health is below 50%.

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