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Will Ajjubhai really not play Free Fire anymore?

Welcome Free Fire fans. You must have noticed that ever since Ajjubhai revealed his face, Ajjubhai has not uploaded a single video of Free Fire. So has Ajjubhai really stopped playing Free Fire? Will Ajjubhai not play Free Fire anymore? Or why does Ajjubhai now play more games other than Free Fire? You will know everything in this blog post.

If you are subscribed to the channel Total Gaming, then you would know that Ajjubhai revealed his face on December 30, 2023. Ever since Ajjubhai revealed his face, he has not uploaded a single Free Fire video. Why now Ajjubhai is gradually leaving the Free Fire game and paying more attention to other games? Why doesn’t Ajjubhai play Free Fire anymore? We have answered all these questions in detail below.

Ajjubhai no longer makes videos on Free Fire, there are some reasons behind this.

Players quit free fire

When the first PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile i.e. PUBG came, players liked this game a lot. People used to play PUBG day and night. Gradually people’s interest in battle royale games increased. People felt like playing Betal Royal Games. But due to the large size of the PUBG game, this game could not be played on all devices. In such a situation, Free Fire was released on Play Store on 4 December 2017. As soon as it was released, this game became very popular among the people, from children to old people used to play Free Fire. Due to the game running even on low end devices, Free Fire has crossed 1 billion downloads.

But there came a time when Free Fire was banned in India. Later Free Fire Max came but people did not enjoy it as much as before. Gradually people were quitting playing Free Fire. People’s interest in Free Fire kept decreasing. People are slowly quitting playing Free Fire. Why will people watch Free Fire videos when they will not play Free Fire.

There came a time when the viewership of Ajjubhai had reduced significantly. Because he used to upload videos on Free Fire only. Due to which the audience started feeling bored. His videos could not reach beyond lakhs. But now Ajjubhai has realized that if he wants to remain in trend among the people, he will have to play other games. Just like techno gamers. You must have seen that techno gamers make videos on different games. Whose every video gets millions of views. Now Ajjubhai will also play different games like techno gamers. Will play Free Fire but much less than before.

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less views on the channel

Ajjubhai youtube-views-down
youtube views down

There is a lot of difference between Techno Gamers and Ajjubhai’s channel. Techno Gamers makes videos about different games. Which the audience also finds entertaining. Every video of his crosses lakhs of views in a day. Whereas for Ajjubhai, there was a time when he used to upload videos only on Free Fire. Gradually Weaver’s interest diminished. Due to which Total Gaming’s videos started getting less views. Then Ajjubhai realized that if people want to earn their name then Free Fire game alone is not going to work. So, today Ajjubhai can try to play all the new games so that their audience remains interested.

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Creating excitement among subscribers

If you are an old player of Free Fire, then you would know how big a hype there was about Ajubhai’s face being revealed in Free Fire. Ajjubhai made his name famous among the people due to his entertaining voiceover and excellent Free Fire gameplay. The name Ajjubhai became so famous that other YouTubers used to get views by calling themselves Ajjubhai?

The audience found Ajjubhai’s gameplay and voice quite entertaining. Within a short time he had more than 10 lakh subscribers. The passion of the audience to see Ajjubhai’s face started increasing very rapidly. But still Ajjubhai did not show his face. He maintained that hype. And finally on December 30, 2023, Ajjubhai revealed his face.

Like the hype he has created in his facial reveal, Ajjubhai can now create another hype on the Free Fire gameplay. Ajjubhai has not uploaded a single video on Free Fire for two-three months. Because Ajjubhai wants to promote about his Free Fire gameplay. Until Ajjubhai uploads the video of Free Fire, the demand of Free Fire fans will continue to increase. As demand increases, a hype will be created. After that hype, Ajjubhai can upload the Free Fire mod.

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Why doesn’t Ajjubhai play Free Fire anymore?

  • Catering to a wider audience: Ajjubhai’s YouTube channel features various games, and focusing solely on Free Fire might limit his reach. Exploring other games attracts a broader audience and keeps his content fresh.
  • Repetitive content: Free Fire’s content updates might not be as frequent or exciting as other games, leading to repetitive content creation. Exploring new games offers more variety and keeps things interesting for both him and his viewers.
  • Experimentation and growth: Trying new games allows him to experiment with different content styles, potentially attracting new viewers and expanding his channel’s reach.
  • low interest: Free Fire fans are losing interest
  • focusing on other games: Ajjubhai has a diverse YouTube channel featuring various games, not just Free Fire. He might be focusing on other games to diversify his content and cater to a wider audience.
  • feeling boring: Playing the same game consistently can lead to burnout. Taking a break might be refreshing and allow him to approach the game with renewed enthusiasm later.

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