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Pubg Config File Download

100% Antiban Best Pubg Config File Download in 2024

Welcome pubg mobile player. If you are an old player of PUBG mobile, then you will know what is the PUBG mobile config file? If you do not know, then in this post you will all know what PUBG Mobile Config file is. What is the difference between PUBG Free Config or PUBG Paid Config. In this post, we have told about Pubg Config types, features, free or paid config file. You can download pubg Config File 100% Anti-Ban in 1 click from this post.

We have explained in detail about PUBG config file in this post. What is PUBG config file? How to download config file. How many types of PUBG config files are there? And How to set up a config file.It also explains the difference between a free PUBG config file and a paid config file. You can also download PUBG free config file from this post. And you can buy PUBG paid config file by contacting us on WhatsApp. The contact for WhatsApp is given below.

What is Pubg Config File?

PUBG config file is a text file that stores the settings and preferences of the PUBG game.Users can use this to customize some further settings from the in-game settings menu. They can use it to optimize performance, tune graphics, or enhance the gameplay experience.

Using the PUBG config file you can adjust the graphics settings of your device according to the capabilities of your device. This can reduce lag and improve FPS (frames per second), which can make games run smoother. you can fine-tune shadows, textures, anti-aliasing, and any visual element of the game. Whether you liked the visual experience of the game or not. Use the PUBG config file, you can access the settings but not available in the in-game menu. Settings may include experimental features or region-specific settings.

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Types of Pubg Config File

  • Auto headshot config
  • Aimbot config
  • No recoil config
  • Magic bullet config file
  • Lag fix
  • I pad view
  • High graphics config file

Download PUBG config file Free

Friends, downloading the PUBG auto headshot config file is very easy. Additionally, to download the PUBG config file you just need to click on below button. Furthermore, then the PUBG auto headshot config file will be downloaded. However, to open that file you have to enter the password which is written just below this post.

100% Antiban Best Pubg Config File Download in 2024
Pubg Config File Download
GamePubg mobile
Magic bullet,
Auto headshot,
file formatZIP
File passwordPUBGFREE

This is a free config file, so don’t mess with it with your main ID. We have given below paid config file which you can purchase which is AntiBan.

Buy PUBG Paid Config File

when players use the free config file, their ID gets banned. However, the main reason for this is that it has to do with the free config file. Besides, if you use the free config file of PUBG then there are more chances that your ID gets banned. Therefore, we recommend you to use paid config files. Additionally, this config is 100% anti-ban.

Buy PUBG Paid Config File
Buy PUBG Paid Config File

To download PUBG paid config file, message the WhatsApp number given below.

GamePubg mobile
FeaturesMagic bullet,
Auto headshot,
100% Safe
file formatZIP

How to set up a config file

1. download the config file first

You just need to click on the button above to download the pubg config file. Then the pubg auto headshot config file will be downloaded.

2. Install the zarchiver app

Install the zarchiver app. Then select the file and click on extract here.  file password is PUBGFREE

3. copy this folder

After the file is extracted, you have to copy the folder named UE4Game

4. Paste the copy folder here.

Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files < paste here

Do not make any mistake while pasting the folder. Furthermore, otherwise the config file will not work.

After following these steps you have to restart the game. Then headshots will start happening in your game as well.

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In this post, you learned about PUBG config file. Additionally, you learned about the types of PUBG config files, whether it’s a free PUBG config file or a paid PUBG config file, and how to set up a config file. If you have any confusion, please comment below.

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