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Free Fire Max How to earn money by playing Free Fire Max?

Since 2019, the Free Fire game has gained immense popularity in India. Moreover, Free Fire Max has become a sensation in the country. Surprisingly, players can even earn money while playing Free Fire. However, a common query arises regarding the methods of earning money and how to top up in Free Fire.

1. earn money from YouTube gaming channel

idea for creating YouTube channle

If you think that you have the skills to become a YouTuber, then you can earn money by creating your own YouTube channel. Additionally, you have to upload free fire gameplay videos every day. Furthermore, you can upload news and tips and tricks related to Free Fire every day. If viewers like your videos, they will subscribe to your channel.

Moreover, when you have 1000+ subscribers and 3000 hour watch time, then you have to monetize your channel with Google AdSense. After that, as soon as AdSense is approved, ads will start showing on your YouTube videos. Consequently, you will get paid for the ads you see on your YouTube videos.

1.You must have a good pc and phone.

2.You must have video commentary skills.

3.You have to upload videos without copyright every day. must know video editing.5.Must know to play Free Fire well.
If you have these 5 things then you can earn money by playing Free Fire.

play Free Fire Max and earn money app

2. earn money playing free fire on Facebook gaming

earn money by playing Free Fire Max

You can earn money by live on Facebook Gaming Like YouTube. When you go live on Facebook Gaming, you will get money for the stars your watchers send you. Many people earn money by live stream on Facebook.
It is not that you can only live stream Free Fire on Facebook, you can earn money by streaming any game live.

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3. earn money from Free Fire Max tournaments

best free fire tournaments apps

The third way to earn money from Free Fire is by playing tournaments. If you are a great player of Free Fire, then you can earn money from Free Fire tournaments. Below are some sites that do tournaments for Free Fire.
2.frolice E-sport
3.crust play
4.khiladi adda
5.Ewar g

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