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How to Increase Sensitivity of Free Fire max?

Free Fire has less sensitivity than PUBG. As a result, we are not able to play the game fast. Consequently, the person in front kills us and leaves. In this blog post, you’ll know how to increase the sensitivity of Free Fire to the max.

3 Ways to Increase Sensitivity of Free Fire max

1. Increase sensitivity of free fire with config file

“how to increase sensitivity in free fire without dpi? First of all, let’s know”

1 : By clicking here, you have to download the Sensitivity+ DPI file.

2: Now go to the play store and install the z archiver app.

installing z-archiver on play store

3 : open the zarchiver app, Now select the download file and click on extract here. Exrtact password : 233332

feel password to open file in z-archiver

4 : Now open the extracted new folder. Then select and copy all three files by enabling the multiple select option.

copy by multiselecting option in z-archiver

5 : The copied file has to be pasted here.

file in z-archiver


6 : Now go to play store and install mouse convertion app.

installing mouse conversion app on play store

then apply this setting.dpi : current sensitivity:100   current dpi: 500  new dpi: 500

dpi setting in mouse conversion app

360 distance setting current sensitivity: 150    current 360 distance: 250   new 360 distance: 250

360 distance setting in mouse conversion

Now you can enjoy playing Free Fire.

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2.  Increase the Sensitivity of Free Fire with developer Option.

how to increase sensitivity in free fire more than 100?

1 : First of all go to your phone’s settings. Go to Settings and click on About Phone and go to Software Information.

about phone

2 : After going to software information, click on build number three to four times. Additionally, after clicking your developer option will be enabled.

enabling developer option

3 : Then you have to go to the developer option and increase the minimum width. Minimum width is to be more than 500.

enabled developer option

After following these three steps, the sensitivity of your Free Fire will increase.

3. best free fire sensitivity for headshot

Increase Sensitivity of Free Fire

In Free Fire, you get by default low sensitivity; however, you have to increase it to 100. Additionally, you have to make everyone’s sensitivity high so that you can make instant movements and quickly kill your enemy.

best sensitivity for free fire one-tap headshot

  1. General – 100
  2. Red Dot – 100
  3. 2x Scope – 100
  4. 4x Scope – 100
  5. AWM Scope – 75-80
  6. Free Look – 6

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