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Top 10 best character in Farlight 84 | best character

Hello friends welcome. Like Free Fire, PUBG and Call of Duty, character skills matter a lot in Farlight 84. In this article you will know, Top 10 best character in Farlight 84. Best powerful character ability in Farlight 84. The most dangerous character skill in Farlight 84 game. Perfect time to use character’s ability in Fairlight 84 game.

best character in Farlight 84

Watchman png download best character in Farlight 84watchman

The watchman is placed on the first rank based on his skill. The Watchman has the Freeze Defense Turret, Bunker Away, and Auto Guard are 3 skills.

Freeze Defense Turret : This skill of the Watchman creates a machine gun that turns enemies into ice and damages them.

Bunker Away : Like Glue Wall in Free Fire, Watchman also deploys a bunker that protects us from enemy bullets.

Auto Guard : When the Watchman takes damage, an energy barrier is automatically generated. This effect has a static cooldown.

mk.r character png download best character in Farlight 84MK.R

This character looks like a robot. MK.R has 3 skills Fatal Volley, Spray n’ Pray and Down ‘n out.

Fatal Volley : MK. R reveals his secret weapon to bombard the rockets in the target frontal area. This character releases rockets and explodes the whole area.

Spray n’ Pray : MK.R unleashes his most powerful weapon. shots over a period of time ignore ammo limit.

Down ‘n out : When mk.r kills an enemy, his jetpack cooldown is reset immediately.

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CEANNA character png downloadCeanna

No one can compete with cenna character in terms of healing. All the skills of this character are related to healing. Medi-X, Restoration Field or Emergency Aid are the 3 skills that Ceanna has. You can use this character to play rank mode.

Medi-X : The Ceanna deploys a small drone next to each teammate, which can rescue or heal them.

Restoration Field : ceanna deploys a recovery device that provides healing and shield repair to teammates within range.

Emergency Aid : Ceanna can rescue teammate faster than anyone else.

 Ducksyde character png downloadDucksyde

The Duckside character is fat in appearance. The most powerful of the Travel Barrier, Smoke Bomb, or Double Restore skills is the Travel Barrier skill.

Travel Barrier : The Duckside character deploys a defensive drone that creates a large protective barrier that moves and follows it.

Smoke Bomb : Duckside can throw a smoke bomb that confuses enemies.

Double Restore : every once in a while, duckside use the sheild recharger with double the effect.

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lucinda  character png downloadLucinda

Lucinda has skills such as Absolute Gravity, Portable Incendiary Bomb, and Shotgun Assault.

Absolute Gravity : Lucinda throws a card device that creates a “mini black”. Hole”, pulls all enemies within range to the center. Black holes slowing down vehicles.

Portable Incendiary Bomb : Lucinda throws a portable incendiary bomb that causes continuous damage to enemies within flames.

Shotgun Assault : When Lucinda uses a shotgun, both the magazine capacity and reload speed increase.

Sunil  character png downloadSunil

Sunil’s main role in the game is to support. Sunil has skills like Hologram Guide, Springboard and Adrenaline.

Hologram Guide : Sunil calls for hologram guidance, as well as comrades, All the negative effects of are gone; while to debuff them. In short, let’s defend. as well as all for the time being, Allies have speed and damage.

Springboard : Sunil deploys a springboard that ejects the user at high speed.

Adrenaline : Sunil’s speed increases during shooting.

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maggie character png downloadMaggie

Movement speed is very important to win the game, for fast movement you can use maggie character. The fastest jetpack boosting character is Maggie, with skills such as Aero Zoom, Burst Delivery or Jet Boost.

Aero Zoom : Maggie overloads her jetpack circuits, shortening the flight cooldown.

Burst Delivery : Maggie throws a portable grenade that damages all enemies around the point of impact.

Jet Boost : Maggie’s speed increases for a short period of time after using the jetpack.

Phantom character png downloadPhantom

If you want to know the position of enemy then you can use phantom character. The Phantom character has skills such as Optic Camo, Portable Scout or Deadly Shot.

Optic Camo : The Phantom uses Optic Camo to hide herself and all allies in range for a short period.

Portable Scout : The Phantom deploys a portable scout device to obtain information on the locations of enemies around the landing point.

Deadly Shot : Phantom deals extra damage with sniper rifles.

syfer character png downloadSyfer

Syfer has great skills like EMP Shock, Area Recon or SMG pro.

EMP Shock : Syfer launches an EMP shocker that hacks into enemy equipment, deals damage to the shields of all enemies within range. Temporarily disables the use of the jetpack.

Area Recon : Syfer to get vital location information on nearby enemies, Again expands the network.

SMG pro : Syfer’s reload speed is increase when using Smg.

captain character png downloadcaptain

The main role of the captain character is defense. The Captain character has dangerous skills like Aqua Blast, Barrier Deployment or Blast-Proof.

Aqua Blast : The captain uses a powerful water gun to slow down and damage enemies.

Barrier Deployment : The captain deploys a specially designed circular energy barrier at the point of impact.

Blast-Proof : The captain takes a reduction in damage when faced with an area-of-effect attack.


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