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farlight 84 auto headshot config

farlight 84 config file download 2023 auto headshot | Aimbot

Hello friends welcome to this post. If you play farlight 84 game then this post will be very helpful for you. We have brought you the new farlight 84 config file. In previous post we told how to download farlight 84 high damage, lag fix config file and ipad view config file. In this post, we have brought farlight 84 Headshot Increase config file for you. How to set up Farlight 84 config file.

No Recoil + Increases Headshot Damage

No Recoil + Increases Headshot Damage config file is a piece of code. Through this config file, you will be able to easily hit headshots in the game. Headshot damage will also be high. Apart from this, your target will be directly on the enemy’s head. That’s why this config file is called Auto Headshot + Aimlock config file.

download farlight 84 config file

file typeincrease heashot + aimlock + no recoil
versionlatest update
config file creditedGamekeeda
file typezip format
file passwordscroll to see password
config file details

You can download farlight 84 config file by clicking on subscribe to unlock button below. subscribing to the Gamekeeda channel, the download option will be enabled.

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How to use farlight 84 config file?

1. First download the file by subscribing to Gamkeeda channel.

2. download or install Z-Archiver app, download from Google Play Store.

3. after that open z archive app and extract here the downloaded file. The password for the file is KEEDA

farlight 84 config file

4. Copy the com.miraclegames.farlight84 folder show in the image. device storage> android>data<paste here


  • super aimbot
  • direct headshot
  • no recoil
  • with password (KEEDA)
  • working all device (2,3, & 4 GB RAM device)


In this post we have seen what is no recoil + Increase Headshot Damage config file in farlight 84. how to download farlight 84 config file. how to use farlight 84 config file? features of farlight 84 config file.

file password KEEDA

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