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Top 5 New Android Games 2022, high Graphics

Hello gamers, today we bring you top 5 New Android Games 2022, that you can play on Android or iOS. We have selected high graphics games for you, which you can easily install from Play Store. In this we have included action games, shooter games, puzzle games, arcade games, zombie games and new open world games.

top 5 New Android Games 2022. all games are available in play store

1. Crossout Mobile

New Android Games 2022
image of crossout mobile

The first game is crucout mobile. Crossout Mobile is an online multiplayer survival action game. The developer of this game is Gaijin Distribution KFT. This game came on PC long ago but its Android version has been released on Play Store on 14 March 2022. The game has got 5 million+ downloads within 2 months of its release. 1.1gb is the size of this game. The graphics of this game are very sharp and realistic like pubg and call of duty.

To play this game you must first build your vehicle to make it dangerous. In this you can install weapons and missile launchers in the vehicle. The more dangerous vehicles you build, the easier you will be able to kill the enemy. In this game you get 6 to 7 modes to play. The game features machine guns, rocket launchers, large caliber cannons and even miniguns. There is a human as a character in pubg but a vehicle as a character in Crossout mobile game.

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2. Freedom Strike FPS Gun Shooter

gameplay of freedom strike

Freedom Strike is an Action Shooter Offline game developed by CupTie Fun Games. Size of this game is 137 MB. In this game you have to play the role of soldier, The story of this game is that terrorists have attacked the city, you have to kill them. To kill them you are given deadly grenades awesome guns and pistols. In this you get great sound effects and high graphic of gun firing. The developer of the game includes pistols, machine guns, rifles and sniper guns. Due to which gamers enjoy playing the game more.

3. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

angry birds

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds falls into the puzzle category. This game is released by Rovio Entertainment Corporation on Play Store on March 25, 2022. This is a premium game so you have to pay to play it. The story of this game is that those pigs stole the eggs of the birds. The birds have to take their revenge. Each bird has the unique power to destroy the protection of pigs. You have to use these unique powers wisely to eliminate those pigs.

4. sleepwalkers : zombie war

zombie war

Sleepwalker : Zombie War Game is survival multiplayer shooter game. This game is completely open world. lethe studios is the developer of this game. This game plays in both offline and online mode. In this game, you get a lot of characters and weapons, with the help of which you have to kill the zombies. The story of this game is that the zombies have taken over the whole world, you have to kill the zombies to save the world. You also face many challenges which you have to overcome. In this you can upgrade the weapon.

5. open world MMO sandbox online

MMO sandbox is an open world game like GTA. This game was released on play store on 11th September 2021 but its last update was on 11th May 2022. This game is developed by Strazh Games. The size of the game is 260mb, yet the graphics of the game are quite good. In this open world game you get cars, weapons and missions. It’s an open world game, so you can drive a car, drive a truck, and more. Together with other people you can complete missions.

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