You are currently viewing how to glitch fire in free fire, new tip headshot in cover

how to glitch fire in free fire, new tip headshot in cover

Today’s article is going to be about Free Fire glitch fire. You can easily kill your enemy by using free fire glitch fire tricks. In this trick, you stay in cover so the enemy can’t kill you. In this article you will learn that, how to glitch fire in free fire? how to kill the enemy while in cover? You can learn the trick by following some of our mentioned steps.

How to Kill an Enemy with Glitch Fire in free fire

Glitch fire tutorial

1. Positions for Glitch Fire

glitch fire
glitch fire in free fire

To use the glitch fire trick, you’ll first need to take cover of a house, glow wall, or tree. Look at the image for better understanding. Here is a tree as a cover. Or there is little space between the tree and the character. That is, you have to stay a little behind the cover. You take the position shown in the image. Make sure that your body is not visible to the enemy. Otherwise the enemy will put you to sleep forever.

2. When fire in glitch fire trick

Now whenever your enemy comes out of cover, you have to immediately open the scope and hit him with a headshot. Keep in mind that your scope should be on default so that the scope strikes the enemy immediately. This trick is called the glitch fire trick.

Glitch fire ke fayde

  1. Enemy won’t kill you quickly
  2. You can kill the enemy quickly
  3. This trick can be used in every map
  4. There are more situations to use this trick

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