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Poppy Playtime

Fix Crash In Poppy Playtime & Solve lag Problem

Poppy Playtime is a popular horror game. The secret of this game’s success is its unique and spooky gameplay. However, there are some issues and problems found in this game. Some players face the crash problem of Poppy playtime. In today’s article we are going to fix crash in poppy playtime in phone.

Follow Few Steps to Fix Crash In Poppy Playtime

step1 : Download & install V Mosh pro App From click Here.(for fix crash in poppy playtime)

step2 : After opening the V Moksha Pro app, download & install Geek.

Geek android version 1.0.23
Geek android version 1.0.23

step3 : Your system will be changed once Geek is installed. Then you have to go to Settings, click on Virtual Machine Information. Select the manufacture model number.

step4 : Then you have to go to the display settings and set the refresh rate to 144ps.

 importing file in geek.

step5 : Now after that open Transit. Go to Files and import the Poppy Playtime file. After importing, the Poppy Playtime game will be installed. After that enjoy.

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