You are currently viewing farlight 84 update coming on August 24, these 5 changes are going to happen in V14.4.1
farlight 84 update

farlight 84 update coming on August 24, these 5 changes are going to happen in V14.4.1

The last update of Farlight 84 came on 3rd August. In which the developer of the game made the following update.

The developers of the game keep bringing the farlight 84 update every two to three weeks to make their game bug free and attractive to the players.

  • Reduced the spawn rate of Jupiter-6 and Bar-95
  • Disable Enemy Character outlines on low-end Devices
  • Decreased the number of danger markers on low-end devices
  • Mitigated lagging issues caused by microphone permission request during combat entry
  • Resolved other known bugs

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What’s going to change in farlight 84 update on August 24th?

These 5 important updates will be made in farlight 84 update on 24th August. Know immediately what will be the new updates.
farlight 84 update

The developers have told through the Q&A edition what changes will come in the August 24 update. The following 5 changes may come in the farlight 84 update.

1. New ongoing animation effects for Ember and Phantom in v14.4 were not found by the developers. Thereby will optimize the running animations for these two heroes in V14.4.1, scheduled for release on August 24th.

2. MKR, Duckside, and Magi skill adjustments were made in v14.4. Skill adjustments for Yong, Cipher, Momoi and other characters will be seen in upcoming updates.

3. Players appreciate the high quality of the new voice acting. The game’s developers believe that the new soundtrack efficiently avoids some overly “annoying” elements and minimizes potential distractions during intense battles. Based on this feedback, Maggie’s voice acting will be changed in the farlight 84 update August 24.

4. Mobile and PC players are separated in standard matchmaking. Cross-platform matches only occur when mobile and PC players team up, resulting in battles exclusively with PC players.
In the V14.4.1 update coming on August 24th, indicators for player input devices will be introduced during matches. This will help players identify to others whether they are using a screen, controller or keyboard/mouse setup for gameplay.

5. Many players have been complaining that they experience crashes whenever they create a team in the Steam version. We can hope that this issue will be fixed in the August 24 update of farlight 84?

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