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farlight 84 best vehicle

Top 5 best vehicle in Farlight 84 game. vehicle skill

Hello friends and welcome, in the previous blog we had known about the top 5 best characters of Farlight 84. In this blog you will konw top 5 best vehicle in Farlight 84 game. let’s konw top 5 vehicles of farlight 84 which have high damage rate, high speed and best vehicle functions.

Top 5 Most Powerful Vehicle in Farlight 84

1. Blazing infatry – best vehicle in Farlight 84

best vehicle in Farlight 84
Blazing infatry vehicle in farlight 84

Blazing Infatry’s high damage rate, speed, and HP makes it number 1 on the list.The blazing Infatry car is equipped with a light machine gun on top that fires non-stop. This vehicle is full of emp bombs which easily destroy anime car. blazing Infatry vehicle instantly changes its shape.Blazing Infatry transforms from car to mechanical robot form. Morph, EMP Bomb and Shockwave are the skills of this vehicle.

2. 4- Legged-Lizard

best vehicle in Farlight 84
4- Legged-Lizard vehicle in farlight 84

A small obstacle cannot stop a 4-legged lizard, because in front of its size, trouble becomes smaller. Due to the steered jump skill in this vehicle, it easily climbs the buildings. Apart from this, 4-legged lizard vehicle with powerful EMP bomb can cause death to the enemies. With this, you can easily destroy the vehicles and jetpacks around you. With a ceiling rechargeable laser cannon, Aim Assist lets you shoot enemies from afar. Its animal-like appearance makes the player very excited to play the game.

3. Mobile Turret

best vehicle in Farlight 84
Mobile Turret vehicle in farlight 84

Due to the high health power of the Mobile Turret, it does not get destroyed quickly. The special thing about this vehicle is that it has the power to repair itself. It is capable of being converted from an armored vehicle to a stationary turret. A dangerous cannon is fitted in it which can easily kill the enemy. Artillery mode and self repair are the skill power of this vehicle.

4. War spider

War spider vehicle in farlight 84

The spider like look of this vehicle makes it quite different from other vehicles. It can run at a speed of 86 km/h. this vehicle run fast as well as jump high. The vehicle has a very powerful shot gun. Which takes time to load but gives a lot of damage in return. Steered jump is the skill of this vehicle.

5. Single-Pilot Mecha-best vehicle in Farlight 84

Single-Pilot Mecha vehicle in farlight 84

This mechanical robot moves slowly, but it can take down enemies with guns in both of its hands. Single-pilot mecha can accommodate only one player. But it can easily destroy enemy vehicles due to its high damage rate. Apart from this, it can also jump high.

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