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new state config file download 2023 No recoils new

Pubg new state config file download 2023 No recoils

Hello New State Mobile Players, If You Want To Download New State Mobile Config File. Then you have come to the absolutely right post. Because in this post we have explained in detail how to download the new state config file. What is Auto Headshot config file in New State Mobile.

By the way, the new State Mobile has Auto Headshot config, No Recoil config file, High Damage config file and VIP config file. In this post, we have told about New State Mobile No recoils config file. Through this post you can download new State Mobile config file in 1 click. The post also explains how to set up the new State Mobile config file. download pubg lite config file

what is no recoils config file in new state mobile

Zero Recoil config file is a piece of code that will add no recoil feature to your new stat mobile thus improving your overall gaming experience.

The new State config file has many of the features of the No Recoils config file, which we’ve mentioned below.

Download new state config file

file typePubg new state mobile No recoils config file
versionlatest update
file formatzip format
file passwordGAMEKEEDA.COM

You can download New State Mobile No Recoils config file by clicking on subscribe to unlock button below. subscribing to the Gamekeeda channel, the download option will be enabled.

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How to use pubg new state config file?

1. First download the file by subscribing to Gamkeeda channel.

2. download or install Z-Archiver app, download from Google Play Store.

3. after that open z archive app and extract here the downloaded file. The password for the file is GAMEKEEDA.COM

4. Then you have to copy or cut the files folder and paste it in Android> data> com.pubg.newstate> files> DLC> Baltic_MainInstalled < paste here

Pubg new state config file download 2023 No recoils

Then you have to restart your device, after that no recoil config file will be set in new state mobile.

WARNING This file is an anti-ban file but still do not run this file with your real ID

Features of New State Mobile No Recoils Config File

  • Smooth 60+ fps gameplay in new state mobile
  • anti ban/ no ban config file
  • with password (GAMEKEEDA.COM)
  • High sensitivity & config glitch zip file
  • working all device (2,3, & 4 GB RAM device)


In this post we have come to know what is No Recoil config file in New State Mobile, how to download New State Mobile No Recoil config file, features of New State Mobile No Recoil config file

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