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how to play old brick games on your android phone.

Today we will talk about that toy with which you used to play in childhood, if you did not play then you must have seen someone else playing. By looking at the thumbnail image, you must have come to know which toy we are talking about. We’re Talking brick games Toy.  Even though those games were not like today’s games, but still it was a lot of fun to play.  We used to insist a lot in front of the father to get that toy.  Then father used to scold us or bring toys. If you have not played old brick games in childhood then you can play this game from your smartphone. 

Now play brick toy games on your smart phone

old brick games

If you also want to revive old memories, then first you have to go to Google Play Store and install brick games.Old toys used to have common games like Tetris, car racing, tanks, snakes and brick breakers. You can play the same games by installing this app. Perseus Games is the developer of brick games android app. The voice, design, button in it gives everything the same experience as the old brick games toy. In this you are also given the option to change the color.

All button name in brick games

  • Up and down
  • Left and right
  • Start / pause
  • Setting
  • Sound
  • Rotate direction
  • Exit game

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