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how to get elite create in mini militia?

Mini Militia’s new update is full of action. After winning the match in Mini Militia, you get three types of create like Standard Create, Special Create and Elite Create. You get the most loot in Elite Create. Elite create we rarely get. You can get elite create in mini militia by following some of our tips.

3 Tips and Tricks to get elite create in mini militia

In Mini Militia, you can update the gun by opening Create. You don’t get much loot in Standard Create.  And elite create doesn’t get you quickly.

1. You have to kill the most in the match for get elite create

win match and get creat
first position in mini militia

The most kills in a mini militia match increase your chances of getting an elite create. It is not that every time you get elite create. In the match you have to die less and kill more. Only then you will have more chances of getting elite create.

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2. When some players leave the match

wining match in mini militia
winning match in mini militia

This trick has proved to be mostly useful. If you have made the most kills in the match and three to four players are leave the match, then you can get an elite create.

3.Play on the map where fewer players play

maps of mini militia

On a map where fewer people are playing, the chances of winning increase. And sometimes the player leaves the match, even then we can get elite create. Your create slots must be empty whenever you go to play a match. If your create slot is not empty then you will get nothing for all the matches you win
Warning : These tips and tricks don’t always work, This Trick Increases Your Chances of Getting Elite Create.

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